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How to select your online video Money Making Training courses:

1-Go to Google and type in the name of the training course from this site and its review page

2-Go to you tube and look for videos about this video training course

3-On Google type in the name of the guy or gal who created the course,how long have they been in business

4-Next your going to go to warrior forum to see if your training course has been featured on this site,what are they saying about this course

5-Is there support for the product you are about to spend your money on

6-Most courses are membership courses where you will have money taken out of your bank Account each month.make sure you know that before you order the product ,is it a one time fee or monthly fee?

7-Make sure there is a complete refund of your money in case this course doesn’t work for you,after you have given it a honest try.

8-Make sure this is a click bank product,so if its a scam you can go to them and complain. all products are not click bank products,it is why support is important.

9-Make sure you can reach a living person if you have problems with your training,do they have a phone number,can they be reached.

10-Does the video product have a 100 % Money back guarantee

11-The course will take about 30-60 days before you see a profit, there are no money making guarantee don’t expect to make money fast,but you just might

12-Only select training courses that have video training,they are easier to learn

13-The type of browser you use can effect the video training course you purchased.

14-When you buy a training course expect to be sold something don’t have to buy it,just be aware you will be offered.

15-Just like buying a car expect to spend more money operating your business.

16-Do not quit your day job,this is something you can do on the side

17-Always look for people already using this course,you can find them on face book,and on forums

18-Remember, the person selling the course is selling it to making always make more money selling the product then you do using it

19-if the training course makes you money then go with it,and try the upgrades,but not until you get your investment back

20-It will take work to be successful,more mental  work then physical

21-You can be successful Making money on line,but just like you had to learn how to do your job,you have to learn the skills that it Takes to making money on line.and you can do it !